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Kanjeng Sepuh Stage, Suck the Audience to the Jakarta TIM Graha Budaya Building

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Alasannews.com, Jakarta | Art and cultural performances, Kanjeng Sepuh at Graha Budaya Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM), Jakarta, attracted thousands of pairs of eyes on the 31st stage, Friday Night (22/3).

The journalist, ReasonsNews.com, Suardi Yadjib, who had the opportunity to receive an invitation to witness the performance involving dozens of young and old performers, mentioned how important art and culture were in the life of the nation and state.


The stage that performed and told the life and history, occasionally tickling the audience who packed the three floors of the building, because the message they wanted to convey made the audience have to laugh until they chuckled.

The show that carries the great theme of our Indonesia, tells the cycle of the time provided for. In the story that was told this time, how the figure of Ssmar who continued to maintain the character and character of his childishness, his descent and ignorance, was considered not in place.

Anger arose when Arjuna's incarnation figure tried to stop his attitude by cutting his key, and that's when he judged the world had changed. Where, humans are no longer honest with themselves and run more lives by deception.


The question is, who is Semar in this play? Can he represent each of us to be able to maintain sincerity in life especially in the midst of the current political war?

Interestingly, the stage was supported by well-known artists in the archipelago such as Soima, Wulan Guritno, Cak Lontong and a number of well-known artists such as Butet Kartaredjasa. Other players, Sujiwo Tejo, performed more interesting and the audience's sound broke the show directed by sujiwo tejo. with its critical nature, it also invites boisterous applause from the audience

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