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Mrs. Camelia Field, IFRC with PMI Strive to Help Disaster Impact Management

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Alasannews.com, Palu-Central Sulawesi | The Red Croos (IFRC) International Federation Coordinator, Mrs. Camelia Field said that her party was trying its best to help handle the impact of the disaster in Central Sulawesi.

Together with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Central Sulawesi Province, led by Moh. Hidayat Lamakarate, coordinated by all forms of handling, as revealed on Tuesday (5/3) in Palu.

Mrs. Camelia Field Coordinator of IFRC said that the disaster management program carried out by IFRC and PMI to support the acceleration of the recovery of the impact of the provincial disaster in Central Sulawesi was affected.

  Mrs. Camelia said that the idea of ​​building a temporary shelter which is planned to be carried out by IFRC is still in the process stage, and the program currently underway is the construction of Puskesmas and the construction of Pustu and support for the provision of clean water and sanitation.

Mrs. Camelia hopes for the support of the Provincial PMI and the Central PMI so that the Disaster Impact Recovery activities carried out by IFRC can be carried out well and in accordance with the expected goals.

Regional Secretary of Central Sulawesi, Moh. Hidayat Lamakarate, as the chairman of PMI expressed his hope that all IFRC and PMI program activities could run well such as the Acceleration of Puskesmas Development and the Development of 2 Unit Pustu and Fikosocial services to continue, Provision of Clean Water and Sanitation Facilities.

The Secretary conveyed in the implementation of IFRC and PMI activities to continue to improve coordination and if there were obstacles it could be conveyed to find the resolution process as soon as possible as well as all programs expected to be connected with the cluster-implemented programs in the hope that IFRC's programs would not overlap .

PMI and Cluster Clusters so that hopes of accelerating disaster recovery can be realized more quickly.

last Mrs. Camelia Field The IFRC Coordinator is very grateful to the Chairperson of the Central Sulawesi Province PMI who continued to facilitate the activities carried out by IFRC.bhst.
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